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360 Imagery FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
We've thought of some questions regarding 360 Photography you might like to ask. Take a look at own questions and answers...


What is 360 Photography?

For more information regarding 360 photography, Check out our page on "360 Imagery How It Works"

Does 360 Photography slow down my website?

At Olive Studios we are aware that consumers are generally impatient and sluggish loading pages may course them to look elsewhere. We have devoted a considerable amount of time to ensuring that this doesn't happen.

All 360 Imagery data in optimised to reduce the final animation file

The amount of images required for the 360 animation is another key factor. The less image present the quicker it loads. We can assist you to define the correct amount of images per animation suitable for your site. This is part of out Free 360 Test shoot provided by Olive Studios to get you up and running.

Broadband speeds are increasing all the time. As bandwidth becomes more rapid, loading animations will not be a concern.

When required, we liaise with your web designing to ensure the process is smooth and transparent.

What's the minimal quantity for 360 Photography?

At Olive Studios, we cater for all client requests. Whether you require just one 360 animation or thousands. Our 7000 square foot purpose built studio can accommodate for all your needs.

How do I get 360 Imagery onto my website?

Olive Studios 360 Imagery is supplied in a variety of exports depending on the clients needs. We supply a snippet of code along with the optimised image files to input in to your HTML code.

We can work closely with your web designers to assist you. Check out our page "360 Imagery How It Works" for more information.

Can you shoot 360 Photography at my premises?

Yes, our studio is portable. Provided you have adequate space, we can produce your 360 photography shoot at your location, reducing your logistics costs.

360 Imagery - What's the cost?

In comparison to traditional flat photography, 360 product photography is relatively inexpensive. Because of the unique way our software manages the 360 Image data, this reduces nearly all post production.

Our prices vary depending on the product. A 360 Fashion shoot on Models for example, works out around £14.00 per shot. We'd aim to shoot up to 60 model animations per day. Higher discounts can be applied to larger quantities.

The cost includes photographing your product, automatically stitching the images together (animation), post production, if it's required, and supplying your web designer the final product using a range of export options including...

Adobe Flash
Adobe Flash with Zoom
JavaScript for iPad, iPhone and mobile devices
JavaScript with Zoom for iPad, and iPhone COMING SOON!
High Resolution Images
Low Resolution Images

What are the benefits of 360 photography?

For more information on the benefits of 360 Imagery, check out our page "Benefits of 360 Imagery"

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