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360 Imagery, How it works

How Does 360 Photography work?

At Olive Studios, we think 360 Photography and 3D Imagery is essential for any new or established e-commerce business. As technologies progress, the demand for 360 interactive media is ever more present. So you may be curious as to how it works and what effect it has implementing it on your own website.
Capturing 360 Imagery?

360 degree image is basically a collection of images produced from a product. This can be anything from shoes to kettles, toasters, hand bags and even motor bikes. Our turn table can hold up to 500 kilograms in weight, so we can comfortably cater for most clients needs. The product is placed on a turntable and the camera shoots a still high resolution image at different angles as the turntable rotates. The number of images can be as little as 4 and as many as you wish. A typical 360 image would normally consist of 36 images, each image being at a 10 degree angle from the previous one. When the shoot is complete, the animations are then exported depending on the clients request. These are then presented in an interactive format which allows the end user to rotate the item in a 360 degrees space. Please take a look at our samples on our examples page.

The 360 animations produced, can be exported in a variety of output formats. We are currently supporting Adobe® Flash, Adobe® Flash with interactive zoom, High Resolution images, Low Resolution images and JavaScript which works on iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. We are soon offering a new JavaScript Viewer supporting 3D Photography, 3D Photography with interactive zoom, 360 Photography and 360 Photography with interactive zoom, again this viewer is being developed for iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. Please check in at our News Page for up to date info regarding compatible viewers for iPad, and iPhone.
Implimenting 360 Photography on your website

Implementing your 360 data onto your website should be a breeze for your web developers. Essentially, it is a matter of adding a Flash file to a web page. This can be done by entering a small snippet of code, which we supply along with your interactive media.

Our technical team are happy to work along side your web designers and developers, assisting with the implementation of 360 Imagery. We can assign product codes for each animation to follow your existing file naming conventions. All approved data can be exported and sent via FTP direct to your servers overnight; outputting multiple file sizes and formats as per your request. We strongly believe in reducing the work required to put images on websites, not increasing it.

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